Vyvanse vs Dextroamphetamine vs methamphetamine vs Dexedrine vs Dextrostrat vs Desoxyn

“Well I was taken off adderall and put on Vyvanse 50mg a day. Vyvanse is a strange drug, it’s a pro drug to Dexedrine(which i’ll get into later) and being a pro drug that means you can’t snort it or abuse it(unless you take more than prescribed) This part may be a little subjective to me so I’ll tell my story with vyvanse and then get into the science and facts about it.

When I first started taking vyvanse I noticed I didn’t feel like I was on a drug where with adderall it was very obvious. For the first month of taking it I wasn’t having a lot of issues, I could actually eat for once, and usually I wouldn’t know how much I got done until I looked at the clock and realized I’ve been working nonstop for 6-8hours without any distractions or I would reach the end of the day and go “damn I got a lot done today” Now the problem I ran into with vyvanse is that for me personally, I have a very high metabolism so a drug that’s supposed to last 12 hours would end up lasting anywhere from 4-8 hours and after that I would feel kind of down on life and would just want to go to bed. But that’s just me, some people can take it and feel the effects for the full 12 hours and sometimes even more. To any of those out there that are like me and tend to have your medication wearing off way before it’s supposed to,

DesoxynI have a theory on why that might be. Vyvanse reaches it’s peak plasma in your blood at the 3-4 hour mark. This is when I would feel my mind slowing down the most and would be able to go about my life without any problems. It seems once I go past that peak plasma mark the amount of amphetamine in my system just isn’t enough to hold me over and keep me going, hence the reason I’m now on 60mg and probably going to be bumped up to 70mg soon. At a conference I attended held by psychologist and primary doctors, higher doses may actually help combat the negative side effects of ADD medication for certain individuals with my kind of experience with them.

Now if you’re thinking about taking vyvanse or putting your child on vyvanse here are some things to consider. Firstly, Vyvanse is expensive. The drug is very high priced. In the US it’s $250 for 30 day supply. I was lucky enough to have my insurance bring it down to $80 after telling them I’ve tried all the other ADD medications(which isn’t really true but there is a reason why which I will explain) and I also got a coupon from vyvanse.com that brought the price down to $40 for a 30 day supply. Vyvanse will not be generic anytime soon so if you’re worried your insurance wont cover it there is other alternatives that may actually be better than vyvanse its self because again, from a pharmacological outlook, vyvanse is also a scam. Vyvanse is basically dextroamphetamine which has been around for a very long time and it’s the main ingredient in adderall. Vyvanse is just dextroamphetamine with a essential amino acid called L-Lysine giving vyvanse it’s chemical name of lisdexamfetamine. Dextroamphetamine

This basically means that with this extra amino acid the dextroamphetamine can only be broken down in your intestines. Which is also why Vyvanse can take two hours to kick in. Once again, I’m not bashing Vyvanse I’m just stating facts and my experience. I believe that all they medications are worth a shot and if they work for you then that’s all that matters. So I mentioned how dextroamphetamine is in Adderall and Vyvanse and that dextroamphetamine has less side effects than other amphetamine based ADD medications so.. why isn’t there a pill that’s just dextroamphetamine?? Well there is, it’s called Dexedrine and Dextrostrat. I’ve been prescribed both and honestly I have to say out of all the ADD medications I have taken they have worked the best. You don’t feel like your on a drug, you don’t get that wired tweaked out feeling, it’s much more calm and gentle.

Problem is Doctors don’t like to prescribe Dexedrine or Dextrostrat because of it’s negative stigma. It was once a highly abused drug and it’s actually responsible for recreational use of adderall because Dextroamphetamine is the chemical responsible for the “high” and euphoria that comes from recreational use of Adderall. For me, I never once noticed this “high” from taking it. I actually felt the most normal as compared to all the other ADD medications but for some reason my doctor had it marked down that he wouldn’t prescribe it to me again which is probably something I’m going to bring up to my psychiatrist to see if he’ll prescribe it to me. It doesn’t last as long as vyvanse but you can take 3 Dextrostrats a day(instant release of dexedrine) or two dexedrines a day(extended release dextroamphetamine) I personally ran into no problems when taking this drug other than a withdraw from when I decided to stop taking ADD medication for a week, which I’ll get into in another post. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone though. If you have an addictive personality then dexedrine is not for you because if you take enough of it, it will get you high and very euphoric. Now.. There is one last medication I have not brought up and that I almost feel worried to bring up..

DextrostratDesoxyn also know as Methamphetamine HCL. Yeah that’s right. They make medical meth for ADD. Chances are you’ll never get prescribed it for obvious reasons. Funny thing is, Desoxyn is known to have the least side effects and be the most effective ADD medication out there. The negative stigma behind Meth has really ruined this drugs chance to be a revolutionary medication for treating ADD and ADHD. See this isn’t the meth made in some guys bath tub, this is real Methamphetamine made in a lab. The Meth people buy on the streets is designed to get the user high, that’s why so many chemicals are added to the batch. Desoxyn however is just pure 100% methamphetamine and has no battery acid or other harmful chemicals in it. It’s pharmaceutical grade and is designed to help with ADD and not to get the user high.

Obviously not something for someone with an addictive personality but something that could help a lot of people and I actually plan on talking to my psychiatrist about this as well to see if I can at least try it out and see if it’s the miracle drug everyone is raving about. I know it sounds bad, but keep in mind this is a medicine, a medicine that just so happens to be one of the most effective medications for ADHD and ADD that most of us will never get our hands on because of it’s high potential for abuse. But in my eyes if you’re not a drug abusers then desoxyn isn’t going to turn you into one. I’m not saying give your kids meth, but to also keep an open mind.

VyvanseI also believe it’s only prescribed to adults as well and only comes in 5mg tablets. The only medication other than desoxyn I haven’t tried was Strattera. I know for me personally amphetamines help with my ADD so I have no reason to try something else, plus I’m not a big fan of it’s chemistry or pharmacology. So should you put your kids on meds? Well you now have facts along side notes from my personal experience. The choice is in your hands. I personally wouldn’t recommend them to very young kids(bellow 13 years old) I don’t believe a psychostimulant as powerful amphetamines is good for a developing brain and certainly don’t know if someone that young actually has ADD or if they are just an average kid who can’t sit still in school because schools boring.

Medication should be thought about when the other signs of ADD start to come up, the ones I mentioned early on this long drawn out post haha. Since It’s 2am right now and I’m getting really tired I will make a post in the future about the alternatives to ADHD medications and also some of the dangers I didn’t talk about, psychologically they can bring forth. By no means is this an anti medication post, hell. I take them, and I’ve found the best thing to do is weigh out the positives and the negatives and see which ones heavier. Well I hope this helped some of you and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll. Have a goodnight everyone and remember you’re not alone”