Nuvigil and Extended Release Methylphenidate vs EDS and Cataplexy

I just need to talk. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. My doctor prescribed me Nuvigil and I didn’t eat for 3 days it made me so sick (even on only 37.5 mg). So he switched me to 10 mg Extended Release Methylphenidate. I uses to be on the short release one which was helping but only for an house or so. The extended isn’t helping relieve my EDS and Cataplexy at all.

Last week I was out of work all week because I had a viral throat infection that doubled the size of my tonsils. I had to take the whole week unpaid because I had already used up all my sick time going to appointments. Luckily my job is incredibly understanding of my issues and even lets me take extra breaks when I am feeling like I can’t stay awake. (Like right now…)

I am just feeling pathetic and struggling to pretend that I am normal when all my body wants to do is lay in bed and sleep. When I was out of work for the week I felt relieved and literally slept all day without feeling guilty. I wish I could do what my body is asking for instead of fighting it off and feeling so sick. So depressed and feeling hopeless right now.