narcolepsy cataplexy and job loss

Hi friends my name is Ashley and I am 29 years old. A little bit about me back in 8th grade it was third quarter right after recess I had math. I thought I would be taken note down and paying attention and then all the sudden there would be a noise and I would wake up and I didn’t realize I was sleeping in my notes were very sloppy I could not read. This went on for a while when I was a sophomore I started getting cataplexy iResearch narcolepsy with cataplexy and brought it home to my parents.

narcolepsyMy parents with the paper in front of me and told me that I am healthy I just need to sleep more. Well then my mom was complaining because I was upstairs in my room all the time sleeping and wasn’t down with the family. When my cataplexy started my parents and kids that I was on drugs and I got very bad disciplined for them thinking I was on drugs. Just by when I would get excited, sad my knees would fall underneath me in my mouth would do this really weird thing. It was then I married my husband in 2010 I went in for a sleep study. My doctor said that was the worst case he has seen. When the nurse told me to go to sleep she said I fell asleep instantly and instantly I started dreaming.

I have tried so many different medications and now I’m on to that work one for narcolepsy and for cataplexy. I have so many questions I have been so lonely with narcolepsy. My doctor says it is hereditary but I don’t know anybody in my family that has it. When I have my son in 2008 I stayed home and day care. Financially my husband wants me to go off and get a job. He is not a good support system he will not read up on narcolepsy up so he will not watch youtube videos and it gets very emotional for him not to understand what narcolepsy is.

cataplexyI guess my first question is do any of you qualify for disability having just narcolepsy with cataplexy? I called Allsup and they said that I have to be unemployed for one year to even apply. I am fine being done with day care because I only have one little one, but I am in a direct sales company that I’m starting to get very high up on and I don’t want to throw all that away. I am located in Illinois . I just think it’s crazy that someone has to be unemployed to get disability. My direct sales company is just a part time job. If you get disability how did you get it where did you go to? Even though I want to get a job my job has to understand that I have to have my sit down time to rest. There has been two jobs in the past I told him about narcolepsy after they hired me and then called me back and told me they found someone else. It is disappointing