Lunesta Ambien and Xyrem against sleep apnea. Experience

My original sleep doctor who I’ve been seeing since the diagnosis isn’t extremely familiar with narcolepsy. So after the xyrem didn’t work due to anxiety I stopped taking it. I started seeing Dr. H to manage my anti-anxiety & anti-depressants. Was originally going to ask my sleep doc about options for restful sleep. I was at the point of almost begging. I’m able to stay awake during the day on stimulants alone but that means increasing them, and having very restless sleep. I went 5 days of constantly waking up. I have insomnia also. Anyway, he claimed that no other medication is approved for narcolepsy besides xyrem and a few stimulants. (Technically correct) but every case of narcolepsy is treated uniquely. Most are not on medication approved by the FDA for Narcolepsy itself. Mentioning that he’s not familiar with narcolepsy told me he’s not comfortable with prescribing any sleep meds. So obviously I can’t be amped on stims, expect to sleep at night with Insomnia. The lack of sleep makes me feel sick and gives me headaches.
sleep apneaWhen I went to J’s sleep appointment for possible sleep apnea, I asked the doc if he or any of his staff treat patient with narcolepsy. He said over hundreds. (This is the OSF sleep center. I was going to Methodist) so I made an appointment for July 12. I met with Dr, as my last resort because with the sleep I wasn’t getting I NEEDED a medication. So I met with Dr. , explained everything and he put me on ambien. It works wonderfully. I felt instantly cured the second I woke up the next day. Unfortunately my body had a severe adverse reaction so i scheduled another appointment with Dr and now I’m on lunesta (basically ambien) until I can see the new sleep doc and manage my meds from there. I’m able to get into see DR within a day or two of calling him. So trying medications is easier than calling a sleep specialist only to have to wait weeks. Hopefully the lunesta will continue to work well so that less time is wasted discussing sleep meds with the new doc. It’s so exhausting to do anyway. Everything has changed in 4 days when I took ambien the first night. I’ve been awake and ready by 7 am, WITHOUT an alarm. I’ve been able to do so much housework. Jordan said I’m like a new me. I feel like I am experiencing a natural euphoric high because I have gotten amazing sleep. And all of this positive change just from 4 nights of medication. I didn’t even feel this great or close to with xyrem. It took 8 months to finally see a difference, and it didn’t work half the time. Lunesta had worked since I started it, I feel cured. And it does a hell of a better job than xyrem.