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German Researchers Suggest Cannabis may be a Better ADHD Treatment than Adderall

Scientists in Germany conducted a trial in which cannabis was given to thirty patients who experienced little relief of their ADHD when using traditional treatments such as Ritalin or Adderall. All patients reported experienced better concentration, more restful sleep and improved impulse control. When the trail was concluded, twenty-two of the patients opted to cease taking amphetamines and switch to cannabis for the treatment of their condition.

This research is rather groundbreaking in that it suggests medical cannabis may be a suitable medication for addressing the symptoms of ADHD, such as poor concentration, recklessness, poor memory and hyperactivity. Prior research has shown cannabis is useful in the treatment of a variety of chronic condition but this was the first study focused exclusively on ADHD.

ADHD Treatment AdderallThis study is a ray of hope for ADHD sufferers, given that traditional amphetamine treatments carry significant risks and side-effects. That said, pot is not without side-effects and abuse potential. For this reason, many are quick to disregard the medical cannabis movement, given the substance is strongly associated with recreational use by goofy teens.

For those who don’t suffer from ADHD, the amphetamine substance is often used recreationally. It is sometimes diluted in water for injection or crushed and snorted. University students often use Adderall or Ritalin for increased concentration and mental energy when studying for exams. These drugs are also sometimes used for weight-loss as they suppress appetite.

Non-prescribed usage of Adderall is never recommended as it can be chemically addictive and has the potential for overdose. The mildest side-effect of an Adderall overdose is hyperactivity. The worst case scenario is loss of consciousness or a seizure.

Unlike cannabis, Adderall can also interact negatively with a wide variety of other prescription medications. It is also contra-indicated for many conditions, including anxiety, hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, Tourette’s syndrome and cases of kidney or liver disease.

When stopping Adderall, no matter if you used it as prescribed by a doctor or not, withdrawal symptoms often occur. Common symptoms include depression, insomnia and overwhelming urges to consume further Adderall.ADHD Treatment cannabis

Dr. David Bearman is a self-proclaimed “cannabinoidologist,” a researcher who focuses on the study of cannabis. He states that cannabis is helpful in the treatment of ADHD and ADD and suggests the mechanism is related to the ability of cannabis to increase available dopamine in the brain.

Dr. Bearman states that the effect is similar to the stimulation provided by amphetamines, such as Ritalin and Adderall. The mechanism is distinct however, as cannabis does not bind to the dopamine neurotransmitter and so interfere with its eventual re-absorption. This implies that cannabis may effectively balance brain hormones in cases of dopamine insufficiency.

At this time, the only American states which permit cannabis to be used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder are Colorado and California.

Interaction of Cannabis, Adderal, Ritalin and Modafinil. User reviews

Just like cannabis enhances music and food, certain drugs enhance cannabis.

Cannabis is the most popular is illicit substance in the USA. It’s an effective medical and recreational drug. Many people are reporting that its effects can be enhanced by combining it with other drugs. However, there are also potentially dangerous combinations which are best avoid.

Erowid is a “trip-report” aimed at harm-reduction. It includes a lot of information on drugs as well as reports from those who’ve experienced the effects. Read on for more info on cannabis combos from the Vaults of Erowid.
Ritalin and Cannabis: Dangerous Combo According to Doctors

CannabisCannabis is generally regarded as harmless, given it’s not possible to overdose on the drug or become chemically addicted to it. This does not mean the use of marijuana, or any psychoactive substance, is not without a degree of risk. It’s quite possible to become psychologically-dependent on cannabis, which can lead to similar negative outcomes as other addictions.

Ritalin is often classified similarly to cannabis, as a drug with low potential for harm. It is often used for its mentally stimulating effects, especially its ability to boost concentration. Ritalin is often considered not-addictive but this is a myth. The drug’s effects are comparable to cocaine and it has the potential to be chemically-addictive. For this reason, Ritalin is officially categorized as a Schedule II drug.

The Dangerous Behavioral Effects of Combining Ritalin and Cannabis

On a chemical level, combined use of cannabis and Ritalin is not terribly risky in terms of physiological harm. The real danger is in how the combination distorts decision-making. The drug combination is likely to lead indirectly to negative outcomes resulting from foolish decisions. One of the chief dangers is that the drug abuser will either overdose on Ritalin or combine it with other drugs with more potential for negative interactions. The combined use of multiple drugs, known as poly-drug use, is a very dangerous habit to acquire.

As with the isolated use of cannabis, it’s also possible to become psychologically addicted to its use in combination with Ritalin. This may well lead to prolonged, excessive consumption of Ritalin, a drug which becomes chemically addictive and physical dangerous when taken at high doses over a prolonged period. The Ritalin withdrawal process is highly unpleasant; its symptoms can include psychosis and depression. Overdosing on Ritalin may cause seizures, hallucinations or psychosis.
User rewiews

AdderalAlthough cannabis can cause your heart rate to increase due to the psychological reaction it induces, over time it reduces blood pressure. Ritalin however has the opposite effect, though its ability to increase blood pressure is so weak that it barely registers as medically important.

When mixing cannabis, Ritalin and alcohol, a depressive effect can be expected. Although alcohol and Ritalin have generally competing effects and affect different brain areas, it’s likely that alcohol’s ability to induce drowsiness will win out.

Ritalin and marijuana have certain synergies as they interact on specific brain areas, including the pre-frontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, amygdala, striatum and so on. Both Ritalin and marijuana boost availability of dopamine by blocking its re-absorption. Cannabis also serves to provoke the release of dopamine from the so-called reward pathway, which is primarily located in the nucleus accumbens. Marijuana also has a known action calmative effect which results from its interaction with the neurotransmitter gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA).

It was asserted by User 1 that feelings of fear and accompanying spikes in blood pressure and heart rate were purely psychological phenomena.

Another user, User 2, agreed with the sedative effect, echoing that any stimulatory effect was due to substances other than cannabis. This user also suggested the use of a vaporizer to avoid the ill-effects of inhaling burnt plant matter.
User 3 shared their experience of the combined use of cannabis and Modafinil. The user carefully calibrated their Modafinil dosage to a strength of of 50mg, occasionally 25mg. The user did not ingest Modafinil daily, the better to judge its effects in combination with cannabis. The user also follows a ketogenic diet and has a healthy nutritional intake. The user claimed that the Modafinil produced anti-appetite effects which counteracted the common appetite-stimulation effect of cannabis.
User 4 expressed a dislike for combining cannabis withModafinil Adderall. They felt that the Adderall counteracted the pleasurable effects of cannabis, leading to a weak high. They also said the cannabis detracted from the mental clarity effect expected of Adderall, leading to a distracted state of mind. The user also believed that combing cannabis and Adderall would induce headaches.
User 5 felt that consuming cannabis following a prolonged state of Adderall-induced wakefulness led to intensified and psychoactivity. This user also mentioned that they would, if offered, generally choose to smoke high quality cannabis if it was offered at any time following consumption of Adderall.
User 6 offered a list of the effects experienced when combining an amphetamine, such as Adderall, with smoked cannabis:

1) Euphoria
2) Creative thought
3) Intricate and in-depth thought

They stated that the subjective effect on their dialogue was to make it more insightful and witty.

User 7 recommended taking Adderall in combination with marijuana only outside of business hours. Their stated reason for this recommendation is that one can experience feelings of being mentally overwhelmed by effects of the cannabis. They stated that subjective awareness is expanded as the Adderall causes increased mental alertness while cannabis promotes a more profound processing of sensory information.

User 8 felt cannabis and Adderall (which he termed “Madderall”) were complimentary. He said that cannabis counteracted the major drawback of Adderall, which is decreased creativity. He said that particularly in social situations in which people behave conservatively, “Madderall” would make one more popular due to enhanced wit and extroversion.

Common drawback: cannabis frequently impairs spatial memory. This can lead to forgetfulness in terms of your surroundings and the placement of objects. Losing your phone or keys is a common symptom.

RitalinContra-indicated users: combination of Cannabis and Adderall is best avoided by those with particular psychiatric conditions, such as depression and especially manic-depressive disorder. Adderall may induce mania and the mental disorientation common to cannabis will likely exacerbate the episode.

User 9 reports taking 30mg. of Adderall daily and frequently smokes cannabis. He has had an Adderall prescription for a dozen years. He found it helpful in his career but experienced difficulty in sleeping. He self-medicated with alcohol to correct this but his doctor recommended 50mg. of Seroquil as an alternative. He recommends this sleep aid as, for him, it counteracts the stimulatory effects of Adderall within half an hour. This has helped him in his effort to give up drinking. He does however recommend using Seroquil with caution as it is a powerful sedative.
User 10 relates the history of his acquaintance who takes high dosages of Adderall  due to having developed a tolerance for the drug. Apparently she only feels high when using potent marijuana in combination with three 30mg. XR tablets of Adderall. It is possible her inability to easily enjoy the relaxation of cannabis is due to a pre-existing anxiety disorder.

This user says that their acquaintance greatly enjoys the combination of cannabis and Adderall as it grants her a feeling of euphoria. The user speculates that she may be suffering from an attention deficit disorder which she manages through the drug combination. She achieves greater mental clarity and speed from the Adderall and her anxiety is lessened by the cannabis.

In conclusion, it is best to know the side effects of both Adderall / Ritalin and cannabis before consuming either. If you decide to take these drugs in combination, exercise caution. Start with low doses and ask a sober friend to watch over you. Record all effects which you experience.

Vyvanse vs Dextroamphetamine vs methamphetamine vs Dexedrine vs Dextrostrat vs Desoxyn

“Well I was taken off adderall and put on Vyvanse 50mg a day. Vyvanse is a strange drug, it’s a pro drug to Dexedrine(which i’ll get into later) and being a pro drug that means you can’t snort it or abuse it(unless you take more than prescribed) This part may be a little subjective to me so I’ll tell my story with vyvanse and then get into the science and facts about it.

When I first started taking vyvanse I noticed I didn’t feel like I was on a drug where with adderall it was very obvious. For the first month of taking it I wasn’t having a lot of issues, I could actually eat for once, and usually I wouldn’t know how much I got done until I looked at the clock and realized I’ve been working nonstop for 6-8hours without any distractions or I would reach the end of the day and go “damn I got a lot done today” Now the problem I ran into with vyvanse is that for me personally, I have a very high metabolism so a drug that’s supposed to last 12 hours would end up lasting anywhere from 4-8 hours and after that I would feel kind of down on life and would just want to go to bed. But that’s just me, some people can take it and feel the effects for the full 12 hours and sometimes even more. To any of those out there that are like me and tend to have your medication wearing off way before it’s supposed to,

DesoxynI have a theory on why that might be. Vyvanse reaches it’s peak plasma in your blood at the 3-4 hour mark. This is when I would feel my mind slowing down the most and would be able to go about my life without any problems. It seems once I go past that peak plasma mark the amount of amphetamine in my system just isn’t enough to hold me over and keep me going, hence the reason I’m now on 60mg and probably going to be bumped up to 70mg soon. At a conference I attended held by psychologist and primary doctors, higher doses may actually help combat the negative side effects of ADD medication for certain individuals with my kind of experience with them.

Now if you’re thinking about taking vyvanse or putting your child on vyvanse here are some things to consider. Firstly, Vyvanse is expensive. The drug is very high priced. In the US it’s $250 for 30 day supply. I was lucky enough to have my insurance bring it down to $80 after telling them I’ve tried all the other ADD medications(which isn’t really true but there is a reason why which I will explain) and I also got a coupon from that brought the price down to $40 for a 30 day supply. Vyvanse will not be generic anytime soon so if you’re worried your insurance wont cover it there is other alternatives that may actually be better than vyvanse its self because again, from a pharmacological outlook, vyvanse is also a scam. Vyvanse is basically dextroamphetamine which has been around for a very long time and it’s the main ingredient in adderall. Vyvanse is just dextroamphetamine with a essential amino acid called L-Lysine giving vyvanse it’s chemical name of lisdexamfetamine. Dextroamphetamine

This basically means that with this extra amino acid the dextroamphetamine can only be broken down in your intestines. Which is also why Vyvanse can take two hours to kick in. Once again, I’m not bashing Vyvanse I’m just stating facts and my experience. I believe that all they medications are worth a shot and if they work for you then that’s all that matters. So I mentioned how dextroamphetamine is in Adderall and Vyvanse and that dextroamphetamine has less side effects than other amphetamine based ADD medications so.. why isn’t there a pill that’s just dextroamphetamine?? Well there is, it’s called Dexedrine and Dextrostrat. I’ve been prescribed both and honestly I have to say out of all the ADD medications I have taken they have worked the best. You don’t feel like your on a drug, you don’t get that wired tweaked out feeling, it’s much more calm and gentle.

Problem is Doctors don’t like to prescribe Dexedrine or Dextrostrat because of it’s negative stigma. It was once a highly abused drug and it’s actually responsible for recreational use of adderall because Dextroamphetamine is the chemical responsible for the “high” and euphoria that comes from recreational use of Adderall. For me, I never once noticed this “high” from taking it. I actually felt the most normal as compared to all the other ADD medications but for some reason my doctor had it marked down that he wouldn’t prescribe it to me again which is probably something I’m going to bring up to my psychiatrist to see if he’ll prescribe it to me. It doesn’t last as long as vyvanse but you can take 3 Dextrostrats a day(instant release of dexedrine) or two dexedrines a day(extended release dextroamphetamine) I personally ran into no problems when taking this drug other than a withdraw from when I decided to stop taking ADD medication for a week, which I’ll get into in another post. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone though. If you have an addictive personality then dexedrine is not for you because if you take enough of it, it will get you high and very euphoric. Now.. There is one last medication I have not brought up and that I almost feel worried to bring up..

DextrostratDesoxyn also know as Methamphetamine HCL. Yeah that’s right. They make medical meth for ADD. Chances are you’ll never get prescribed it for obvious reasons. Funny thing is, Desoxyn is known to have the least side effects and be the most effective ADD medication out there. The negative stigma behind Meth has really ruined this drugs chance to be a revolutionary medication for treating ADD and ADHD. See this isn’t the meth made in some guys bath tub, this is real Methamphetamine made in a lab. The Meth people buy on the streets is designed to get the user high, that’s why so many chemicals are added to the batch. Desoxyn however is just pure 100% methamphetamine and has no battery acid or other harmful chemicals in it. It’s pharmaceutical grade and is designed to help with ADD and not to get the user high.

Obviously not something for someone with an addictive personality but something that could help a lot of people and I actually plan on talking to my psychiatrist about this as well to see if I can at least try it out and see if it’s the miracle drug everyone is raving about. I know it sounds bad, but keep in mind this is a medicine, a medicine that just so happens to be one of the most effective medications for ADHD and ADD that most of us will never get our hands on because of it’s high potential for abuse. But in my eyes if you’re not a drug abusers then desoxyn isn’t going to turn you into one. I’m not saying give your kids meth, but to also keep an open mind.

VyvanseI also believe it’s only prescribed to adults as well and only comes in 5mg tablets. The only medication other than desoxyn I haven’t tried was Strattera. I know for me personally amphetamines help with my ADD so I have no reason to try something else, plus I’m not a big fan of it’s chemistry or pharmacology. So should you put your kids on meds? Well you now have facts along side notes from my personal experience. The choice is in your hands. I personally wouldn’t recommend them to very young kids(bellow 13 years old) I don’t believe a psychostimulant as powerful amphetamines is good for a developing brain and certainly don’t know if someone that young actually has ADD or if they are just an average kid who can’t sit still in school because schools boring.

Medication should be thought about when the other signs of ADD start to come up, the ones I mentioned early on this long drawn out post haha. Since It’s 2am right now and I’m getting really tired I will make a post in the future about the alternatives to ADHD medications and also some of the dangers I didn’t talk about, psychologically they can bring forth. By no means is this an anti medication post, hell. I take them, and I’ve found the best thing to do is weigh out the positives and the negatives and see which ones heavier. Well I hope this helped some of you and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll. Have a goodnight everyone and remember you’re not alone”

Adderal XR and Concerta effects: review and experience

I am a adult that has been diagnosed with ADD for over 5 years, I also have a background in psychology and pharmacology. I was first diagnosed with ADD at age 16 after going to the doctors and telling him about a lot of the issues I face in my day to day life. A lot of people, including my teachers in high school didn’t believe I had a attention issue because I never talked a lot and always kept quite. That doesn’t mean I had a lot going on inside my head. I would daydream then daydream about dreaming, get lost in my own thoughts, never stop thinking, always was more interested in all the things going on around me than the actual lesson, and when I knew I wasn’t paying attention I would try my hardest to regain focus but could never do it. That’s my first point. A

DHD and ADD are both attention deficits but they’re very different. I have ADD, meaning that while I seem calm and don’t talk much or move around a lot I get lost inside my own head and my surroundings. ADHD is basically the same thing except for someone with ADHD presents the symptoms in a more extrovert way. Now moving on, so how do you know if someone really has ADD or ADHD? To start, not being able to sit still in school or consciously choosing not to focus is not ADD or ADHD. Being stuck in a building for 8hours a day surrounded by the same people, the same lessons you don’t want to hear or have no interest in is obviously going to make you not focus and want to move around.

Concerta effectsThe environment creates that situation. Real ADD/ADHD goes beyond school. You start things and never finish them, start 10 things at one time and never finish them, start something you’re interested in and never finish it, your brain is constantly running at high RPM, you get lost in your thoughts, you begin to daydream a lot, you feel that being able to focus is out of your control, no matter how hard you try you just can’t do it, you sometimes say things without thinking, you constantly forget things even after you reminded yourself 10 times to get that thing, you wake up in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes your brain is already fired up and thinking about everything, you’ll sometimes stutter when you speak because your brain is going to fast, you get stuck on thinking loops where you keep thinking about the same thing over and over again, you might have insomnia because you can’t shut your brain off, you might develop anxiety because your already constantly thinking and now your constantly thinking about the future and where your life is going and the endless possibilities that the day brings, you may develop depression because once again you’re already thinking all the time and is something bad has happened in your life now you’re thinking about the past and going down a rabbit hole of regret and or sadness.

Concerta experienceThe last few points I made are the big ones I want to talk about. ADD/ADHD is known to bring forth depression and anxiety. Both of which I currently am diagnosed with. Lets say you have ADD/ADHD and something upset you, lets say.. A relationship has ended. To a person without ADD/ADHD they would be sad for a while and then eventually move on. However.. People with ADD/ADHD usually feel a lot, emotionally that is. Something as simple as a relationship going bad can tear us apart. With our beautiful but dangerous fast paced minds we tend to think about that relationship, how it went wrong, can I fix it?, what do I do now?, why did this happen?, and then we fall down into a black hole of thinking about the past and maybe even thinking that our ADD/ADHD is the reason why the relationship fell apart to begin with, then we start to daydream about maybe seeing that person again, daydreaming about what it’s going to be like to never see or speak to that person again, or how things would of been if none of this would of happened. 

We overthink. That’s what leads to Adderal XR reviewdepression and anxiety. Now this doesn’t have to be about a relationship, it could be about anything negative that happens in your life. Your brain just starts to spin out of control and this is something that a lot of people don’t really consider when they talk about someone having a attention problem and it’s defiantly something that I believe everyone should know because it’s very common among children and adults who have ADD/ADHD. Now with that said, medication. Should you put your kids on meds? Well that’s up to you, first make sure that they really don’t have control of there focus and that it’s impacting there life outside of school or outside of work and remember the depression/anxiety that I talked about. If you believe that you or your child has real ADD then medication could really improve you/their life.

I’m currently taking 60mg of Vyvanse a day along side 10mg of Paxil to help with my Depression and anxiety. I’ve never been a big fan of medication until I finally decided to give it a go. I first started off taking Concerta when I was first diagnosed at age 16. While it did somehow manage to make me do better in school I started to feel angry and would often find myself getting confused a lot during the day, not to mention the high heart rate, sweating for no reason, high blood pressure, and minor anxiety. But that was me, everyone’s different and that goes for all the medications I’m going to talk about. I then switched to Adderall XR when I was 17 and the first week I felt almost euphoric, which is common because Adderall XR being a mix of amphetamine salts is known to cause euphoria.

Adderal XR experienceAfter a week that subsided and I began to feel more alert, more clear headed, it felt like my thoughts were slowed down and I could actually think, I would begin to ask questions in class, and outside school I would tend to do all the things I needed to do for the day. Now the problem I ran into with adderall is, after taking it everyday for a long period of time you begin to build up a tolerance really fast. I went from 15mg of Adderall XR once a day, to 25mg of Adderall XR once a day, to 30mg of Adderall XR once a day, to 15mg of Adderall IR three times a day, and then to 30mg of Adderall XR once a day and 30mg of Adderall IR in the afternoon to avoid the crash(medication wears off, body gets tired, anxiety kicks in, feel depressed, motivation eliminated, all because your dopamine levels are actually dropping back down below baseline).

I was taking the highest dose possible to manage my ADD and with the increase in dose the side effects became worse, the crash felt much worse, I was at the point where when the medication wore off I would sometimes get suicidal. Adderall can be a great medication but to me with my background in pharmacology I see it as almost a scam and unsafe. They take dextroampthetamine which is mainly a CNS stimulant and combine it with levoamphetamine which is a PNS stimulant. Levoamphetamine really has no purpose, all it does is make you feel uncomfortable and almost “tweaked” for lack of a better word. Levoamphetamine is basically is what causes the random sweating, jitters, confusion, restless leg syndrome, the burst of energy, and the teeth grinding. Again though, this is just my thoughts on Adderall. I know many people who’ve taken it and have had no issues. There are just the facts of Levoamphetamine and my story with Adderall which I also know a lot people can relate to.

narcolepsy cataplexy and job loss

Hi friends my name is Ashley and I am 29 years old. A little bit about me back in 8th grade it was third quarter right after recess I had math. I thought I would be taken note down and paying attention and then all the sudden there would be a noise and I would wake up and I didn’t realize I was sleeping in my notes were very sloppy I could not read. This went on for a while when I was a sophomore I started getting cataplexy iResearch narcolepsy with cataplexy and brought it home to my parents.

narcolepsyMy parents with the paper in front of me and told me that I am healthy I just need to sleep more. Well then my mom was complaining because I was upstairs in my room all the time sleeping and wasn’t down with the family. When my cataplexy started my parents and kids that I was on drugs and I got very bad disciplined for them thinking I was on drugs. Just by when I would get excited, sad my knees would fall underneath me in my mouth would do this really weird thing. It was then I married my husband in 2010 I went in for a sleep study. My doctor said that was the worst case he has seen. When the nurse told me to go to sleep she said I fell asleep instantly and instantly I started dreaming.

I have tried so many different medications and now I’m on to that work one for narcolepsy and for cataplexy. I have so many questions I have been so lonely with narcolepsy. My doctor says it is hereditary but I don’t know anybody in my family that has it. When I have my son in 2008 I stayed home and day care. Financially my husband wants me to go off and get a job. He is not a good support system he will not read up on narcolepsy up so he will not watch youtube videos and it gets very emotional for him not to understand what narcolepsy is.

cataplexyI guess my first question is do any of you qualify for disability having just narcolepsy with cataplexy? I called Allsup and they said that I have to be unemployed for one year to even apply. I am fine being done with day care because I only have one little one, but I am in a direct sales company that I’m starting to get very high up on and I don’t want to throw all that away. I am located in Illinois . I just think it’s crazy that someone has to be unemployed to get disability. My direct sales company is just a part time job. If you get disability how did you get it where did you go to? Even though I want to get a job my job has to understand that I have to have my sit down time to rest. There has been two jobs in the past I told him about narcolepsy after they hired me and then called me back and told me they found someone else. It is disappointing

Nuvigil and Extended Release Methylphenidate vs EDS and Cataplexy

I just need to talk. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. My doctor prescribed me Nuvigil and I didn’t eat for 3 days it made me so sick (even on only 37.5 mg). So he switched me to 10 mg Extended Release Methylphenidate. I uses to be on the short release one which was helping but only for an house or so. The extended isn’t helping relieve my EDS and Cataplexy at all.

Last week I was out of work all week because I had a viral throat infection that doubled the size of my tonsils. I had to take the whole week unpaid because I had already used up all my sick time going to appointments. Luckily my job is incredibly understanding of my issues and even lets me take extra breaks when I am feeling like I can’t stay awake. (Like right now…)

I am just feeling pathetic and struggling to pretend that I am normal when all my body wants to do is lay in bed and sleep. When I was out of work for the week I felt relieved and literally slept all day without feeling guilty. I wish I could do what my body is asking for instead of fighting it off and feeling so sick. So depressed and feeling hopeless right now.

Adderal vs Xyrem vs Melatonin vs Benedryl vs Flexiril vs Unisom

Sorry for the longness but the question is toward the end. Thanks for reading and your help.
My doc put me on 20 mg adderall twice a day and something for anxiety. The anxiety is much better now thank god. Twice a day on the adderall is to much right now so I’m splitting it up 10 mg throughout the day as needed. My doc is my gp but a great doctor and knows about sleep disorders and believes me and is willing to listen to me and address all my concerns. Love him. What he is not sure on is meds that may help with actual sleep and may help get better sleep. I asked him about xyrem and he wasn’t sure of it but is looking into it. My question is what have y’all found helpful med wise to take that help you reach deeper sleep and in turn help your day time symptoms.

Adderall and stimulants can help greatly for those of us that can tolerate them but it does not address the issue at the heart of the problem which is lack of restorative sleep. I’d like to find something that helps my sleep so I can reduce the need for such a high does of stims. Melatonin does nothing for me. Benedryl either. Xanax may help me relax to fall asleep easier but not stay asleep. Unisom works pretty well in helping to fall asleep and either stay asleep longer or if I wake go back to sleep easier but doesn’t help the quality of sleep as I still have a lot of daytime issues.

won’t help much going to sleep but keeps me from waking from pain or RLS. I’ve heard some use baclofen which is also a muscle relaxer. Just wondering if it works differently than flexiril. Does anyone have any other suggestions and also any links you could provide to show that it helps reach a deeper level of sleep thus helping our daytime symptoms. If I bring him ideas and some literature on what it is and how it works he is the kind of doc that will let me try it. Thanks for all your help. Out of all the info on the web I came here first because all of you have personal experience and know what I’m talking about.

Sleep Apnea vs Adderall Xyrem Ambien and Klonopin. Experience

I was diagnosed in 2014, doctor decided that we should start Xyrem and keep me on my stims (Adderall 10mg) 
After about 2 years of suffering, and I mean SUFFERING through the worst side effects possible (vomiting nightly, sweating, bed wetting, combative actions, sweating profusely, nightmares, night terrors, loss of personality, falling asleep in the worst places ect…) I had just about given up. The Xyrem was no longer working for me. We found out it was because I developed severe anxiety that was not allowing xyrem to work properly.
AmbienDoc pulled me off the Xyrem, continued my stims, and the plan was to find a way to treat the anxiety to continue the Xyrem.
5-6 Months go by and my anxiety/depression are under control. BUT I did not want to be anywhere near Xyrem ever again. Coming off of X woke me up to the realization that 1.I was a completely different person while on it and 2. that it just wasn’t worth the side effects.

Made doctors appointment with my sleep specialist and he told me that since I didn’t want to continue Xyrem, there is nothing else available to help me sleep at night. (I also have bouts of INSANE INSOMNIA.) His plan was to keep feeding me stims after stims after stims. Because well hey, at least I’m awake right? No.

Decided I should probably find a second opinion. I was DREADING the fact that I would have to go out of town on a witch hunt and that was the type of thing I didn’t have the patience or the wiill to do.

My boyfriend had a sleep appointment to be tested for Sleep Apnea at OSF St. Francis Hospital. This hospital is right across the highway from whom I had been seeing. While we were in the room, I was patient until the end of the appointment. I brought up a few questions to get a background on how well they are trained to treat PwN&C. This is the first time I’ve heard in my life a doctor respond by giving a chuckle followed by: We treat hundreds of patients a day. It’s what we do. 
We were able to set up an appointment and even brought up other options to get me the sleep that I needed. That was a huge relief. My appointment is for July 12.

KlonopinNow, today, I visited my psych (he manages my anxiety/depression meds) I informed him that I would be changing sleep doctors to someone who is a little more open minded. I mentioned I haven’t slept through the night in months. He automatically prescribed me a very low dose of Ambien to take along with my very small dose of Klonopin. I walked out of the office nearly in tears knowing that my sleep tonight is going to be the best sleep I’ve had since 2015.

Long story short: Finding treatment and diagnosing narcolepsy is very difficult in the city of Peoria, Illinois. It’s hard to diagnose and treat anywhere because of how unique the disorder is. But I think I’m finally on my way to figuring my hectic, sleepy, exhausting life out. I couldn’t me more excited!

As of now, my meds consist of 
Morning: Adderall 30mg, Provigil 200mg, Klonopin .5mg
Night: Ambien 5mg, Klonopin .25mg, Zoloft 100mg

Lunesta Ambien and Xyrem against sleep apnea. Experience

My original sleep doctor who I’ve been seeing since the diagnosis isn’t extremely familiar with narcolepsy. So after the xyrem didn’t work due to anxiety I stopped taking it. I started seeing Dr. H to manage my anti-anxiety & anti-depressants. Was originally going to ask my sleep doc about options for restful sleep. I was at the point of almost begging. I’m able to stay awake during the day on stimulants alone but that means increasing them, and having very restless sleep. I went 5 days of constantly waking up. I have insomnia also. Anyway, he claimed that no other medication is approved for narcolepsy besides xyrem and a few stimulants. (Technically correct) but every case of narcolepsy is treated uniquely. Most are not on medication approved by the FDA for Narcolepsy itself. Mentioning that he’s not familiar with narcolepsy told me he’s not comfortable with prescribing any sleep meds. So obviously I can’t be amped on stims, expect to sleep at night with Insomnia. The lack of sleep makes me feel sick and gives me headaches.
sleep apneaWhen I went to J’s sleep appointment for possible sleep apnea, I asked the doc if he or any of his staff treat patient with narcolepsy. He said over hundreds. (This is the OSF sleep center. I was going to Methodist) so I made an appointment for July 12. I met with Dr, as my last resort because with the sleep I wasn’t getting I NEEDED a medication. So I met with Dr. , explained everything and he put me on ambien. It works wonderfully. I felt instantly cured the second I woke up the next day. Unfortunately my body had a severe adverse reaction so i scheduled another appointment with Dr and now I’m on lunesta (basically ambien) until I can see the new sleep doc and manage my meds from there. I’m able to get into see DR within a day or two of calling him. So trying medications is easier than calling a sleep specialist only to have to wait weeks. Hopefully the lunesta will continue to work well so that less time is wasted discussing sleep meds with the new doc. It’s so exhausting to do anyway. Everything has changed in 4 days when I took ambien the first night. I’ve been awake and ready by 7 am, WITHOUT an alarm. I’ve been able to do so much housework. Jordan said I’m like a new me. I feel like I am experiencing a natural euphoric high because I have gotten amazing sleep. And all of this positive change just from 4 nights of medication. I didn’t even feel this great or close to with xyrem. It took 8 months to finally see a difference, and it didn’t work half the time. Lunesta had worked since I started it, I feel cured. And it does a hell of a better job than xyrem.