Adderal vs Xyrem vs Melatonin vs Benedryl vs Flexiril vs Unisom

Sorry for the longness but the question is toward the end. Thanks for reading and your help.
My doc put me on 20 mg adderall twice a day and something for anxiety. The anxiety is much better now thank god. Twice a day on the adderall is to much right now so I’m splitting it up 10 mg throughout the day as needed. My doc is my gp but a great doctor and knows about sleep disorders and believes me and is willing to listen to me and address all my concerns. Love him. What he is not sure on is meds that may help with actual sleep and may help get better sleep. I asked him about xyrem and he wasn’t sure of it but is looking into it. My question is what have y’all found helpful med wise to take that help you reach deeper sleep and in turn help your day time symptoms.

Adderall and stimulants can help greatly for those of us that can tolerate them but it does not address the issue at the heart of the problem which is lack of restorative sleep. I’d like to find something that helps my sleep so I can reduce the need for such a high does of stims. Melatonin does nothing for me. Benedryl either. Xanax may help me relax to fall asleep easier but not stay asleep. Unisom works pretty well in helping to fall asleep and either stay asleep longer or if I wake go back to sleep easier but doesn’t help the quality of sleep as I still have a lot of daytime issues.

won’t help much going to sleep but keeps me from waking from pain or RLS. I’ve heard some use baclofen which is also a muscle relaxer. Just wondering if it works differently than flexiril. Does anyone have any other suggestions and also any links you could provide to show that it helps reach a deeper level of sleep thus helping our daytime symptoms. If I bring him ideas and some literature on what it is and how it works he is the kind of doc that will let me try it. Thanks for all your help. Out of all the info on the web I came here first because all of you have personal experience and know what I’m talking about.